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Finally a new icon picture for my tumblr. :) 

I like to believe, that you’re just like me…trying to figure out how a good thing goes bad.

My asian eyes
Got my first tattoo and I am happy with it! :)
I did a photoshoot a few days ago! This was the first shot! :)
I wore heart tights just for today! And a hi-low dress! ;)
I love my spidery lashes.
Old pic of me and Jisoo :3
Studded a sweater for myself 
New icon picture! And updated hair! It was suppose to be light brown but my red turned brighter instead. Then I decided to add some highlights. xD
It’s been a while since I’ve posted a picture of myself so here’s a picture of me and a dog. :3
I think I am going to keep this hair color for a while. :)